Vidnyaan Shahir Prabhakar Jamkhedkar


Prabhakar Jamkhedkar is the son of Prahladray Jamkhedkar. He was awarded the title of 'Vidnyan Shahir' because of his interest in science. He holds a Ph.D in Veterinary Pharmacology. He was Professor of Medicine at Nagpur Veterinary College. After retirement, he worked for Pfizer Ltd for 26 years. He carried out more than 11,000 extension programmes to educate dairy farmers, poultry farmers and administrators. He presented powade's on All India Radio since 1951. He is now social worker working for communal harmony, and is the author of numerous acclaimed books on farm animals. Most of his compositions center around the theme of science.


  1. Bombay Veterinary College, 1954 [PDF].
  2. Brave Soldiers, 1966 [PDF]
  3. Ministers, 1974 [PDF].
  4. The Coronation of Shivaji, 1974 [PDF].
  5. The Science of Liquor, 1978 [PDF]. Marathi Science Council Newsletter, Special Issue on Liquor, October 1978.
  6. Population, 1978 [PDF].
  7. Saluting Science, 1978 [PDF]. Marathi Science Council Newsletter, Special Issue on Liquor, October 1978.
  8. Albert Einstein, 1979 [PDF].
  9. Navi Gomata, 1979 [PDF].
  10. Sai Baba 1, 1982 [PDF].
  11. Sai Baba 2, 1982 [PDF].
  12. Sai Baba 3, 1982 [PDF].
  13. Sunil Gavaskar, 1984 [PDF]. A video of the public performance of this work (Nasik, 1984) was presented personally to Sunny (then the Sheriff of Bombay) in 1985. At the presentation, Dr. Prabhakar Jamkhedkar also sang the song. Calligraphy by Prof. Ramesh Khapre, J. J. School of Art.
  14. The Fun of Science, 1986 [PDF].
  15. I am Indian Only, 1987 [PDF].
  16. Savarkar, 1987 [PDF].
  17. Ambedkar, 1989 [PDF].
  18. Maharashtra, 1989 [PDF].
  19. Blood Donation, 1991 [PDF].
  20. Rani of Jhaansi, 1991 [PDF].
  21. Priya Gaatase Anandi Gaan (On the 61st Birthday of Shahir Prabhakar Jamkhedkar), 1993 [PDF].
  22. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, 1993 [PDF].
  23. Gajanan Maharaj, 1997 [PDF].

Vidnyan Kavita (Science Poetry)


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