Rashtra Shahir Mahadev Narayan Nanivadekar



Mahadev Narayan Nanivadekar was born in Kisrul, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. He completed his Matriculation in 1921 and went on to join the Pune Engineering College. Influenced by thoughts of national leaders of the time he left the college. To enhance his inborn inclination toward mimicry and his skill in the use of the ‘Dandpatta’ (a double edged sword) he started performing shows. He became famous as a mimic and a `Dantpatta Bahaddar' as far as London. He was also expert in diving. On advice of well wishers he concentrated his talents in powade singing. He learned old forms from numerous folk artists. His Gurus were the famous Shahir Lahiri Haidar, Daji Mang and others. He utilized finer points of Tamasha and was instrumental in giving a place of pride to it and Lavani in Marathi Sahitya Sammelanas and the radio. He has a large number of gramophone discs to his credit and has published numerous powade. His illustrious nephew Shahir Vasantrai Nanivadekar continues the tradition.


  1. Purushartha che Powade [PDF].
  2. Shivaji, 1959 [PDF].
  3. Ahilyabai Holkar [PDF].
  4. Gandhiji [PDF].
  5. Desh [PDF].
  6. Dhekuna [PDF].

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