Powade Lyrics

Most powade titles are of the form '... yaa.nchaa povaaDaa' ('The Ballad of ...'). So we have just mentioned the name of the personality/cause for most of them.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (The Killing of Afzal Khan) (abridged per Prabhakar Jamkhedkar) [PDF].


Suura eka vaadaLacha [PDF].


Taanaajii Maluusaraa (abridged per Prabhakar Jamkhedkar) [PDF].

V. D. Savarkar

Simhagarha (the fort captured by Tanaji) [PDF].

Choudhary, Shahir Sopandev

Dikshit Chinchnikar, Kranti Shahir Ganesh Dattatray

Jamkhedkar, Kavibhushana Maharashtra Shahir Pralhadray

Jamkhedkar, Vidnyaan Shahir Prabhakar

Jamkhedkar, Shahir Vinayak

Khadilkar, Shahir Maharshi Pandurang Dattatray

Nanivadekar, Rashtra Shahir Mahadev Narayan

Nanivadekar, Shahir Vasantrai

Thosar, Shahir Sadashiv Laxman

Volunteers Needed!

If you're familiar with ITRANS and are willing to help, we would very much like to transcribe the songs into .itx format for long-term preservation. We are still working out the logistics of this -- there are over 1000 pages to scan, plus a few books.

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