Powade.com: An Archive of Maharashtrian Folk Songs

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Welcome to powade.com, an archive of Maharashtrian folk songs.

This website will, in the coming months and years, archive the poetry of Maharashtra's folk singers. Currently, we have permission to archive the works of Shahirs Pandurang Khadilkar, Mahadev Nanivadekar, Pralhadray Jamkhedkar, and Prabhakar Jamkhedkar. In addition, we will be archiving old powade on which the copyright has expired.


If you have LPs of powade, especially those by Pralhadray Jamkhedkar, Vasantrai Nanivadekar, and Pandurang Khadilkar, in your collection, we would like to be able to archive them (or at least listen to them). Please write to us at pjamkhed[at]yahoo.com with Pralhadray in the subject.

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