About this Project


This project was established with the following aims:

  1. Acquaint readers with powade (Marathi ballads), shahir, and related topics.
  2. Make available published powade (with permission from the copyright holders), biographies, and articles about Shahir Pandurang Dattatray Khadilkar, Kavibhushan Maharashtra Shahir Pralhadray Jamkhedkar, and Shahir Mahadev Narayan Nanivadekar.
  3. Prepare a list of shahir, powade, and other relevant material.
  4. Provide audio/video.
  5. Provide students material for their study.

We respect copyright

We will archive only those works for which we are given clear unambiguous permissions from the copyright holder (author/publisher), and works on which the copyright has expired. Per Indian copyright law (since the published works were published in India), copyright on printed matter lasts for 60 years past the author's lifetime. Audio/video recordings are protected for 60 years from the first date of publication.

The contents of this website, except where indicated, are © Dr. Prabhakar P. Jamkhedkar, 2014. You may use the contents for non-commercial use with proper attribution. Please cite the complete document source where possible, e.g.:
[1] Prabhakar Jamkhedkar and Vasantray Nanivadekar, "Shahir and Shahiri Kavane (Marathi Ballad Singers and their Poetry - The Powada)," at http://www.powade.com, 2014.


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